Saint Eustolia left her home in Rome to find a new life in Constantinople.

There she became a nun known for her great virtue.  She was loved and respected by the sisters in her monastery as well as by the lay people.

Saint Eustolia died in 610 A.D.

Saint Sopatra was the daughter of the Emperor Mauricius in Constantinople.

She became interested in becoming a nun and when she met Eustolia, Sopatra decided to join her in the monastic life.  She chose to leave her life in the world and to live in obedience to Saint Eustolia.  One of her father’s palace buildings became a monastery under the direction of Saint Sopatra.

Saint Sopatra died in 625 A.D.

Although little is known about the death of these Saints, they are sometimes listed with the Holy Martyrs.

We commemorate these Holy Virgins on November 9.

Holy Virgins of the Lord, help us to choose living for the Lord Jesus Christ over living for anything in the world.  May we learn to live in blessed obedience to our spiritual mothers and fathers.  Amen.

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