Saint Zenobia and her brother, Saint Zenobius, were children of good Christian parents, in third century Cilicia.

Zenobius was skilled in medical arts. He generously treated and healed those who came to him for help. The local citizens chose him to be their bishop, such was their love for him.

When the healings of Saint Zenobius became known to the officials, he was questioned about his miraculous powers. Zenobius testified to his faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. This then led to his being tortured.

Saint Zenobia went to the defense of her brother. She begged for the tortures to stop. However, she herself became a victim. The brother and sister died as martyrs to the glory of God, about the year 300.

The ancient Greek name “Zenobia” means “life of Zeus.”

We honor this Holy Virgin Martyr on October 30.

Blessed Bride of our Lord Jesus, Saint Zenobia, pray that we too may be bold in coming to the defense of others. May we be rich in our love toward our brothers, encouraging them in be strong in the true faith.  Amen.

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