Saint Theophili died during the early part of the fourth century. She was a beautiful woman, from a notable family, and graced with virtue. At the time of her death, she was a nun.

When the Emperor Galerius sent his guards to hunt for St. Domna, they searched every convent in the region around Nicomedia. They showed no respect for the women who had dedicated themselves to a life of virginity out of the love for the Lord Jesus Christ. Many nuns escaped and hid in the mountains.

Theophili, however, was caught. She prayed, “Lord, take care of me for I have not even time to pray to Thee.”

Then, she brought out her gospel book, which she carried against her chest, inside her clothes. As she read aloud, one evil man trembled with terror and fell dead at her feet. Another man was struck blind. Several witnesses became Christians when they saw this. She was rescued by an Angel, who took her out of the house at night, and left her in a church.

Some time later, she died by fire in a church, due to the same persecution.

The ancient Greek name “Theophili” means “Friend of God” or “Love of God.”

We commemorate this Holy Virgin Martyr on December 28.

Holy Bride of God, pray that we may trust in God and cry out to Him in all circumstances. May we also cherish the Holy Bible and come to know its power. Amen.

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