Saint Thekla lived in Iconium during the first century.  Her parents were pagans.

When Thekla was eighteen years old, the great Apostle Paul came to her city to teach the people about the Lord Jesus Christ.  For three days and nights, he spoke at the house next door to Thekla’s home.  She sat by her window and listened.  As Saint Paul explained about the love of Christ and the beauty of purity and virginity, Thekla’s heart was touched and she was converted to the Christian faith.  She knew that she wanted to serve the Lord as a pure, virgin.

Thekla’s mother was furious when she learned that her daughter no longer wanted to get married and live the life she had planned for her.  She was so angry, she ordered Thekla to be killed.

However, God delivered Thekla and she escaped.  She made her way to where Saint Paul was teaching and continued to learn all she could about her Beloved Jesus Christ.

Eventually, with the blessing of Saint Paul, Thekla went to live in a quiet place near Seleucia.  She became a wonderworking healer and teacher.  When some men came with the plan to rape her, God hid her in a rock.  In this way, she died as a martyr and also as a virgin.

The ancient Greek name “Thekla” comes from Θεοκλεία, and means ”glory of God.”

We commemorate this Holy Virgin Martyr on September 24.

Holy Bride of God, pray to God for us.  We hear the words of the Saints in the Holy Bible so often.  Pray that we not only hear, but also respond by giving our whole lives to Christ as you did.  Amen.

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