One day, Saint Thea, who was from Gaza, and her friend Valentina, joined a group of Christians gathered to hear the Holy Scriptures. Local officials broke up the meeting, grabbed Thea and tortured her.

Valentina yelled, “How long will you torment my sister?” When the thugs heard her, they grabbed her, too. Valentina was dragged away to be burned on an altar which had already been prepared by the heathens. Kicking the altar with her feet, she knocked it over. Then, Valentina and Thea were tied together and burnt alive.

Saint Valentina’s Christian bond with Saint Thea was so strong that whether or not they were natural sisters, they were spiritual sisters. And, Saint Valentina was not going to let Saint Thea be martyred without her.

The women died for their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ in 308.

The name “Thea” may be short for “Theodora,” which means “Gift of God.” However, this saint is also known as “Ennatha.”

We honor these Holy Virgin Martyrs on February 10 and July 18.

Holy Virgin of the Lord, pray to God for us to be unafraid to be known as Christians, even when it may be dangerous to do so. Amen.

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