Saint Sunniva was an Irish nun. 

Sunniva desired to go to a remote place to live her life in holiness.  Therefore, she, her brother and a few other young pious virgins, left Ireland.  Their ship was wrecked off the west coast of Norway.  The religious travelers eventually settled on Selje Island, where they lived together in caves as faithful Christians.

How Sunniva died is uncertain.  However, she is celebrated as a martyr.  What is known is that she served the Lord all of her life as a virgin and that her body was incorrupt when it was found years later.

Saint Sunniva lived during the 10th century.

We honor this Holy Virgin Martyr on July 8.

The ancient Norwegian name “Sunniva” comes from an Old English name meaning “sun gift.”

Holy Virgin of the Lord, help us to make holiness and purity of heart and body, to the glory of God, the priority of our lives.  Amen.

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