This saint is known as righteous Amma Piamun the Virgin of Egypt.

She was righteous in that she lived a virtuous and simple life with her mother.  In fact her purity was so great that she had the gift of knowing the future.

When the Lord told Piamun that angry, armed men were on their way to attack, the virgin warned the men of her village.  They were too weak to go out and fight and told her to go talk to the approaching crowd.  In her modesty, Piamun would not do this.  However, she went home and spent the night standing in fervent prayer.  She begged the Lord to stop the men in their tracks. 

And, thus it was so.  The men were as statues, unable to move from their place a few miles away.  The Lord in His mercy told the men that it was by the prayers of the holy Piamun that her village was saved.  When the would-be attackers repented of their evil intentions, they made peace with the villagers and thanked God for preventing them from doing harm.

In this way Piamun became the spiritual amma, or mother, to the repentant men. 

She never married and died peacefully in the year 337.

We commemorate this Holy Virgin on March 3.

Click here to listen to the story of Saint Piamun in the Lausiac History, Part 6/05.

Holy Virgin of the Lord, Piamun, pray that we may never be embarrassed when we are living in peace with our parents.  Help us to grow strong in pure prayer to turn away the attacks of the evil one.  Amen.

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