The virgin Pelagia was a native of Tarsus, and lived during the third century.

Plans had been made for her to marry the son of Diocletian. However, when she heard of Christianity, she began to wonder about it. Noticing that Clinus, the bishop, was baptizing many of the Greeks, she secretly sought his instruction in the True faith.

She begged her mother to let her go out with her nurse, and then went to the bishop to be baptized. Pelagia gave her fine robes to the bishop to give to the poor, and returned to her mother in the poorest and shabbiest clothes.

In great indignation and distress, her mother went and complained to her intended son-in-law that Pelagia had become a Christian. He was so shocked that he killed himself. His enraged father had Pelagia burned alive.

The ancient Greek name “Pelagia” was derived from "the sea."

We commemorate this Holy Virgin Martyr on May 4.

O Holy Virgin of the Lord, Pelagia, help us to pursue the True faith, no matter what. Amen.

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