Saint Paula lived in Nicomedia, in Asia Minor.

She was raised from a young girl to show loving honor and respect to those who honored the Lord Jesus Christ.  Therefore, when she saw people being taken to prison because of their faith, she went to take care of them.

When she saw a priest named Lucillian taken to prison, she went as usual to tend to his wounds.  Four young men were also in that prison and all five were taken to be killed.  Then, Paula dared to take the martyrs’ bodies and bury them properly.  She acted openly and was taken prisoner herself for her bold actions.

Saint Paula was beheaded in about the year 273 AD.

The Latin name “Paula” means “small.”

We commemorate this Holy Virgin Martyr on June 3.

Blessed Bride of our Lord Jesus, Saint Paula, pray that we too may be bold in our actions.  May our attitudes, our behavior and our love of the Saints honor our First Love, Christ our God.  Amen.

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