After the death of Mary’s mother, her father became a monastic.  Mary did not want to be separated from her father, so she pretended to be monk, too.  She went to live in the same monastery as her father and took the name Marinos.

It was not long after this that Mary’s father died.  However, she continued to live the life and do the work of a good monk.

Once, Marinos was sent out of the monastery on business.  During this time, the “monk,” Marinos had to stay at an inn.  When the innkeeper’s daughter, who was unmarried and pregnant, could not persuade the monk to have impure relations with her, she decided to accuse him of being the father of her child.

When everyone had heard the liar’s story, Marinos was terribly mistreated.  Marinos accepted this injustice, did not deny the accusations, was kicked out of the monastery and even raised the child as “his” own.  After three years, the blessed Mary reentered the monastery with her adopted son.

When Saint Mary of Alexandria reposed in peace in 508 AD, it was discovered during the preparation of her body for burial that she was indeed a woman.  The Fathers of the monastery then honored her for her patience and perseverance under the trial of false accusation.

We honor this Holy Virgin on February 12.

O Holy Mary, pray to God for us.  Help us to accept injustice, mistreatment and false accusations.  Help us to pursue chastity and purity from this day forward, even when our family and friends try to discourage us.  Amen.

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