Saint Justina chose to remain a virgin because of her love for our Lord Jesus Christ.  Not only did she have no boyfriend, but she did not listen to, look at or speak about anything which would soil the purity of her soul.  Therefore, when a young man wanted to be her boyfriend, he could not persuade her to love him.  The man was so desperate, he asked an evil magician to help him make Justina submit to him.  The deceiver tried every demonic spell he knew, but nothing worked against the holy virgin.  The magician learned that he had no power over her, because she prayed to the Lord Jesus Christ from a pure heart.  This impressed him so much that he gave up his sinful ways and also became a follower of Christ.  He burned his evil books, was baptized and eventually became Bishop of Antioch.  About the year 304, this great Christian and the holy virgin Justina were tortured and beheaded for their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.  We know the former magician as St. Cyprian, and honor him together with St. Justina.

Will our purity of heart and love for Christ
 lead others away from evil
and to a life of faith and service to God?

Απολυτίκιον.  Ήχος  γ΄.

Θείας πίστεως, τη φωταυγεία, σκότος έλιπες, της ασεβείας, και φωστήρ της αληθείας γεγένησαι, ποιμαντικώς γαρ φαιδρύνας τον βίον σου, Κυπριανέ τη αθλήσει δεδόξασαι.  Πάτερ Όσιε, τον Κτίστην ημίν ιλέωσαι, ομού συν Ιουστίνη τη θεόφρονι.

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