Saint Hilda was born in 614 in what is now England.  She was baptized into the Christian faith on Holy Saturday, when she was thirteen years old.

When Hilda was thirty-three years old she decided to become a nun.  First, she went to Paris to join a monastery.  After training there for a year, she was called by the bishop to return to England. 

Bishop Aidan appreciated her wisdom and her delight in the service of God.  Therefore, he appointed her to be an abbess.  She soon founded and became the spiritual mother of her own monastery in Whitby.  Hilda was an excellent leader, wise in her counsels to all, whether beggars or kings.  Her virtue and purity were a light to all.

Although Hilda was ill for the last six years of her life, she faithfully continued her work for the Lord.  Her soul was seen being carried to heaven by angels when she died in peace in 680.

The English name “Hilda” means “battle.”

We commemorate this holy virgin on November 17.

O Holy Virgin of the Lord, we beg you to pray for the salvation of our souls.  Amen.

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