Saint Genevieve was born to peasant parents.  She was concerned with living a holy life even as a child.  Her behavior was modest and holy.

When Saint Germain met her as he traveled on urgent business of the Church, he was impressed by this reverent girl.  He gave her a coin with a cross on it, saying that Genevieve should always wear it and always wear it alone, without any other jewelry.  He also encouraged and challenged her to make a promise to God to keep her virginity all her life.

After her parents’ death, Genevieve went to live in the city of Paris with her godmother.  Other girls were jealous of her and slandered her.  This inspired Genevieve to start a monastery for other Christ-loving young women.  So, when she was 31 years old, she founded a convent for others to escape the temptations of the world.

Saint Genevieve saved the city of Paris when Attila the Hun threatened it.  She did this by convincing the women of the city not to run away, but to run to the churches to pray, fast, and keep the night watch, that is, pray all night.  The enemy was turned back by their prayers and Saint Genevieve is known as a patron saint of Paris.

A worker of miracles during her life, Saint Genevieve reposed in the Lord about the year 512 A.D., at 89 years of age.

We commemorate this Holy Virgin on January 3.

The Celtic name Genevieve, means “woman of the people.”

Saint Genevieve, pray that we too may keep the promises we have made to God.  Remind us and strengthen us to seek the Lord’s mercy in prayer when we face dangers of any kind.  Amen.

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