Saint Flora lived at Cordova in Spain, during the reign of Abderramene II, king of the Saracens. Although her father was Moslem, her mother had secretly taught her the Christian faith. Her brother betrayed her to the judge, who then had her beaten until some parts of her head were bare.

Eventually, Flora managed to escape, taking shelter with her sister at Ossaria. Having lain concealed some time, she went back to Cordova, and prayed publicly in the church of St Aciclus, the martyr.

There she met with St Mary, sister to the deacon Valabonsus, who had lately received the crown of martyrdom. The zealous virgins agreed to present themselves in the court. They were then taken and confined in a closed dungeon, where no one had access to them but certain impious lewd women.

St Eulogius, who was at that time detained in another prison, wrote and sent to them his Exhortation to Martrydom.

After their third appearance in the court, they were both beheaded, on November 24, 851.

The ancient Latin name Flora means "flower."

We honor these Holy Virgin Martyrs on November 24.

Holy Martyr Flora, pray that we may choose friends who will encourage us to please God, no matter what others may do to us or say about us. Amen.

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