Saint Eupraxia was born in Constantinople. Her parents were virtuous, honorable and generous to the poor. 

After Eupraxia’s father died, she and her mother moved to the deserts of Egypt.  They went to the region of the Thebaïd, where great ascetic saints, such as Saint Anthony, had struggled.  Eupraxia and her mother lived with the monastics and continued their ministry to the poor.

Eupraxia was only twelve years old when she decided to stay with the nuns in the convent, rather than remain with her mother or return to Constantinople to be married.  Her determination and love for the Heavenly Bridegroom convinced the abbess and her own mother that she was ready to become a nun.

When she was a teenager, Eupraxia was bothered by impure dreams and fantasies.   However, she soon learned to fight them by confessing them to her spiritual mother.

Eupraxia turned difficulties, such as when she cut her foot with an ax while chopping wood, into opportunities to become stronger and purer.  Pain and tiredness were never used as excuses from her duties.  Her perseverance and purity allowed her to become a wonderworker during her lifetime.  Once, a deaf and paralyzed boy was immediately healed by her prayers.  Another time, a demon possessed woman was set free by her intercessions.

Saint Eupraxia died in peace in 413 AD when she was only thirty years old.

The ancient Greek name “Eupraxia” means “good” – “action.”

We honor this Holy Virgin Saint on July 25.

Holy Virgin of the Lord, help us to be determined in the work of purifying our hearts; remind us to confess our thoughts, dreams and fantasies, as well as our sins.  Amen.

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