Saint Eulalia lived in Barcelona, Spain, during the late third century. 

She was born to Christian parents.  Saint Eulalia loved the Holy Scriptures and chose a simple life, free from physical pleasures and comforts.

When the torturer Dacian came to Barcelona, Eulalia was only thirteen years old.  However, she went secretly during the night to meet Dacian and confront him face to face.  She boldly challenged him and asked him why he was killing innocent people.

Eulalia was stripped naked, beaten, burned and beheaded.  When she finally died, witnesses saw a white dove fly out of her neck – a symbol of her purity.  Then snow began to fall, quickly covering her body as with a white garment – yet, another sign of her virtue.

Saint Eulalia earned the crown of martyrdom in 303 AD.

The ancient Greek name “Eulalia” means “to talk well.”

We commemorate this Holy Virgin Martyr on August 22.

O pure, virgin Eulalia, pray that we will not be afraid to speak out again injustice no matter if we are young and no matter what harm may come to us.  May we learn to be truly sorry for our sins.  May the Lord lead us into true virtue and purity, white as snow.  Amen.

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