Saint Episteme was born a pagan in Emesa.

It was arranged that she should marry a young man by the name of Galaction.  He, however, desired to honor the Lord Jesus Christ by living as a monk.  Galaction persuaded Episteme to be baptized and to enter a convent.

Episteme became an excellent nun.  She shone in virtue and labored in prayer.  She was known for her obedience, humility and love.  In fact, she never left her monastery and did not see Galaction until just before her death.

The two virgin monastics were tortured and beheaded for their faith in the year 253.

The Greek name “Episteme” means “knowledge.”

We honor this Virgin Martyr on November 5.

Holy Virgin of the Lord, please help us that whatever we have been or done in our past and however we finally came to the Lord,  we too may become known for our obedience, humility and love.  Amen.

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