Saint Drosida was the daughter of the Emperor Trajan and lived in Antioch of Syria.  She was young, weak and delicate.

One night Drosida went out with five young women.  Although she was not yet a baptized Christian, her friends were nuns.  Together they were collecting the bodies of martyrs in order to arrange for burial.  However, while they were out, they were caught and taken as prisoners.

Drosida became a captive in her father’s house.  He cruelly mutilated her and left her scarred. The nuns were tortured and killed.

Drosida escaped as soon as possible.  She then baptized herself in a nearby river and died eight days later, at the beginning of the second century.

We commemorate this Holy Virgin Martyr on March 22.

The Greek name “Drosida” means “dew,” which represents freshness and purity.

Dear Saint Drosida, pray for us that we not seek physical comforts and pleasures.   Remind us of your struggles when we are tempted to enjoy the fun of a baptismal party more than the Holy Sacrament of Baptism.  Amen.

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