Saint Domnica was born about 384 in Carthage, Africa.

While visiting the great city of Constantinople with four other pure young women, the Holy Spirit enlightened Domnica and her friends to become Christians.  They were baptized and became nuns.

Domnica became a great ascetic, giving up all the comforts she had known to live a simple life of hardship for her soul's sake.  Throughout her long life, her strong faith never weakened.  She became the spiritual leader of other women dedicating their lives to God.  Her extreme purity allowed her to become a miracle worker even during her lifetime.

Saint Domnica died peacefully when she was about 90 years old.

The ancient name "Domnica" means "of the Lord" or "of God."

We honor this Holy Virgin on January 8.

Holy Virgin Domnica, pray that our faith will be strong and our zeal steadfast throughout our entire lives.  May we also present our purity to the Lord, allowing Him to work in and through us.  Amen. 

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