Saint Cecilia was born in Rome to a wealthy family.

She was full of faith and zeal for the Lord Jesus Christ.  In fact, she promised to keep her virginity until her death.  Under her comfortable clothes, she wore a scratchy hair shirt.  Cecilia did not want luxuries to distract her from her desire to please God.

Saint Cecilia was a strong willed and extremely persuasive young woman.  On her wedding night, she convinced her husband that they should remain pure for the sake of Christ.  He obeyed her and even went to the Bishop Urban to be baptized, since he was a pagan.  He in turn led his brother to faith in Christ.

Cecilia’s love for the Lord Jesus Christ did not weaken even when she saw her husband murdered for his faith.  Moreover, she bravely preached about the love of God so compellingly that one evening 400 people gave their lives to Christ.

Finally, it was Cecilia’s turn to go before the judge.  When he questioned her, she explained that her strength came from her pure conscience and undoubting faith.

Saint Cecilia was tortured and killed for Christ about the year 230 AD.

The Latin name “Cecilia” means “blind,” perhaps “blind from self-beauty.”

We honor this Holy Virgin Martyr on November 22.

Listen to a longer version of her life here.

Blessed Bride of our Lord Jesus, Saint Cecilia, pray that we too may be bold in speaking of our First Love, Christ our God.  May we be unmoving in our desire to seek purity, even when others would have given up.  Amen.

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