Saint Cassiane was born in Constantinople sometime before 805 AD.

Her parents provided her with a well-rounded education, which included study of the Holy Bible.   She later built a monastery, was tonsured a nun and became the abbess.

Saint Cassiane lived during a time when it was illegal to show honor to the holy icons.  However, she boldly defied the law and venerated icons in public and once was whipped for doing so.  This did not stop her from visiting and encouraging monks who were in prison.  She was not afraid to speak up for what she knew was right.

She wrote poems and music to be used in the worship services at the monastery.  In fact, Saint Cassiane became the greatest female hymn writer in the Orthodox Church.  Her hymns are still used in the Church today, including one for the Christmas Vespers.  One of her compositions is known as the Hymn of Cassiane.  People flock to the church each year on the eve of Holy Wednesday to hear this hymn based on the account of the sinful woman of Luke 7:36-50.

Saint Cassiane eventually died in peace, known as a great monastic, ascetic, confessor (one who suffered for the faith), hymnographer and virgin.

We honor this Holy Virgin on September 7.

Holy Virgin Cassiane, pray that we too will be willing to speak up for what is truly right, even if doing so will cause us to suffer.  Amen. 

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