Saint Brigid grew up in two different kinds of households.  Her father was wealthy, but he was a pagan.  Her mother was a slave, but she was a Christian.

The young girl followed the faith of her mother.  Whether she was living with her father or her mother, Brigid was humble, friendly, hospitable, generous and kind.  When her father prepared to marry her off, she stated clearly that her body and soul were for Christ alone.

Brigid desired the life of a virgin dedicated to God, but at that time there were no women’s monasteries in Ireland.  She was not discouraged.  She became a nun and, in 470, established the Kildare Monastery.

Before her peaceful death in 523, Saint Brigid had founded several additional women’s monasteries.

Holy Virgin Brigid, help and inspire us to serve one another with love and generosity.  Please encourage us when we feel alone in our desire to follow our Lord Jesus Christ.  May your memory and prayers strengthen us to persevere.  Amen. 

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