Saint Agnes of Rome lived during the 4th century.

When she was twelve or thirteen years old, a certain Roman official’s son noticed her going to and from school.  He tried by various means to convince her and her family that she should marry him.

However, Agnes had already promised her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ that she would remain a virgin all of her life.  The young man arranged to have Agnes tortured and killed, according to the law of that time.

During this time, Agnes had urged a number of fallen women to repent and be converted to the Christian faith.  This further angered the official’s son and his father.  Therefore, during her torture they attempted to humiliate and defile her.  She was stripped of her clothes and nearly raped.  However, God covered her body with divine light and protected her purity, allowing her to die as a virgin.

The ancient Greek name “Agnes” means ”pure and chaste.”  The equivalent Spanish name is “Inez.”

Saint Agnes is the patron of meekness.

We commemorate this Holy Virgin Martyr on January 21.

Holy Virgin of the Lord, pray that we may follow through on our commitment to purity, no matter how young we were when we first promised ourselves to Christ.  Amen.

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