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Permission to record graciously granted by the translator, Isaac E Lambertsen, and the publisher, Saint John of Kronstadt Press.

The complete text, as well as the Akathist Hymn and the Liturgical Service in her honor, may be purchased from the Saint John of Kronstadt Press.

The Life of

Saint Macrina

by St Gregory of Nyssa

The Life of

Saint Columba*

by Francis Alice Forbes
The Life of Saint Monica*

by Francis Alice Forbes

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Saint Cecilia:

Virgin, Wife, and Martyr*

* As used in these texts, the word "catholic" means "Christian."

** If after listening to this you would like to learn more about the baptism of St Constantine, there is an interesting article here.

 The Lausiac History

by Palladius

Note: Section 6 features the story of St Isidora the Fool for Christ, as well as the story of St Piamoun.

Saint Brendan of Clonfert
The Lorica (breastplate prayer)

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